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Rules & Regulations

  • A pupil will be eligible to appear in the session ending I Examination if he/she has completed 90% attendance.
  • Leave to a student for absence is granted only on an I application to The principal, through class Teacher Submitted in Time definitely the same day, rarely the next day) duly attested by the Parent/Guardian.
  • In case of illness, medical certificate must be attached with the application. Long absence except in case of illness should discouraged.
  • The name of the student will be struck of the rolls of the school if he/she is absent for more than a week continuous without sanction of leave.
  • Large, well stocked libraries, with latest encyclopaedia, reference books, classical literature and other books of special to the children age group, covering wide range in Science, Art, History, Geography and culture, both in English and Hindi. Encouraging the habit of reading amongst the students, books and magazines are brought on weekly basis.
  • Before leave inform and give the application.
  • Fee will be charged monthly.
  • Fee will be paid in advance 15th of every month.
  • Fee can also be paid with Late Payment of Rs.10/- on the last working day of the month. There after the name will be struck off from the school register and Readmission can be taken on payment of Rs.50/- by the approval of the principal.
  • If a child is with drawn in the mid-session six month's fees will be charged.