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School Activities

PIONEER SAINK SCHOOL provides different activities for better development of your child. The activities are :

Co-Curicular Activities

Children are inquisitive by nature. They are extremely curious lot, always eager to know about everything around them, therefore besides academics, in order to ensure development of curiosity and personality the school imparts ample opportunities to students in a wide variety of hobby and activity in quiescent surrounding as music and dance, art and craft, painting and drawing, science exhibition, knowledge quotient.

Inter Class Activities

The school has been divided into to groups namely Jr. Group (nursery to fifth) and Sr. Group (Classes VI to onward) to make education more meaningful socially acceptable and for an all round growth and development such as physical, mental, emotional, spiritual etc. Inter class Literacy Activities are organised on every Wednesday and Saturday of the week. The Inter Class Activities help in maintaining discipline in the school.

Activities during the session

Literary Activities- Various Inter Class Activities such as : Debate, Extempore, Declamation, Quiz Competition, Essay Writing Competition, Art Competition and Assembly Song of Competition are organised every month. G Inter Class Matches-Various Inter Class Matches such as Foot-ball, Handball, Khokho, Chess and Carrom etc. are organised every month.

Co-curicular Activities

Inter Class Activities