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The condition of human being is totally different from other creatures. He lives in a society, he has his own civilization. Good cultured conduct is expected from him. Along with he should be enlightened enough to pace with the same speed, the world is making its progress. This talent may grow only when he can produce something from the view of education and personality. He should achieve some sense from cultural inheritance. To fulfill it, education has been imparted from ancient ages. Though the form of education might be changing, that has been always compulsory in implementation. Education is the perpetual value of life. The intellect of human being expands in the circle of those two values, some of which are eternal and some are variable. Because no unwise or uneducated person can make his life progressive. Education has been compulsory in all ages. Hence education gains importance and value in all ages. Education does not mean more knowledge of various subjects. If we suppose the meaning of education limited up to here, it is nothing more than lack of wit, and sometimes its gives more terrifying consequence. The purpose of wisdom or education should be to develop the view to shun unuseful and adopt useful things in addition to appreciate the knowledge of anything. Then education gets its perfect meaning. A man may be called an intellect, scholar or educationist only if enlightenment and good character concord in him. What is the concord of character and knowledge? Total development of personality. Knowledge is that which can appreciate what is beneficial and what not. In other words the reaction may be called talent and the use of talent is fruitful. The fundamental view of education is total development of personality. If education is at least intent to its goal a creative inspiration will rise more than destructive.